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Energy Efficiency Training and Field Support Toolkit

Energy Efficiency, Conservation, and Demand-Side Management
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Toolkit Energy Efficiency

Providing a step-by-step roadmap for program design and implementation

Utilizing case studies from an array of countries, regions, and economic sectors


Explains the viability and advantages of energy efficiency programs

Program Development Roadmap

Introduces economically and technically feasible program options

Implementation Approaches

Details implementation tracks for a variety of energy efficiency programs

Case Studies

Illustrates program successes and challenges through real-world examples


Connects readers to relevant resources represents material developed by USAID and reference materials drawn from public and private sources and agencies, and may be considered “work in progress.” All price and performance data contained in this toolkit are from publicly available sources and are intended to be used as general information and for relative comparisons of generating options. They do not represent actual cost or performance data for any specific project and should not be relied upon for other than general instructive purposes. The views expressed in any of the materials in this toolkit do not necessarily reflect the views of the United States Agency for International Development or the United States Government.